The Faith of affection – What Religion Are You Currently?

“You’ll be known as The Servants from the Servants of God. As well as your religion will be the eternal religion in the centre of religions. For which the Prophets, Saints, and Sadhus speak, is certainly not new. That were Servants – the Beloved Enthusiasts of God, prior to the world is made.Inch (Excerpt from book

“The Road Made Straight”)

Usually individuals will ask, “what religion are you currently?Inch This is a type of question and it is funny because after speaking for them for some time they’ll ask it simply to determine what box to place you in or you fit in with exactly the same group because they do. And nowadays we’re full of different religions that at first glance can be displayed different due to the customs, culture, and language, but in the centre and central core of spiritual practices, all religions is Love. So sometimes people wish to put that label, the label stating that either you’re a Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Jew, the like… essentially saying you’re much like me or else you will vary. Which really means, I’m right and you’re wrong, in case your away from the same group.

However I Love this portion of the Path Made Straight book because Mother Rytasha says “you’re the servants from the servants of God. As well as your religion will be the eternal religion found in the centre of religion…” What exactly we’re practicing is the fact that eternal, pure, uncorrupted truth of God, in the centre of religions. That is Love. In another book, “Digital rebel” Mother Rytasha states, “anybody who practices purely what God has provided, regardless of the religion, teaching, or tradition, is practicing, The Faith of affection.Inch This is actually the heart of faith, to get again the devotee, beloved Lover of God. But because Mother Rytasha states, “we are able to become unclear about religion whenever we look limited to the outer surface, seeing just the outer appearance of faith and never the interior truth…” So there’s there is no need associated with a labels should you consider the heart of faith and what it’s intended for. To again return to our natural condition to be. Eternal spiritual soul. Lover of God.