Religions Unjustly Discriminate Against Women

My research in to the origin of religions brought me to the first type of worship. It had been from the sun. This entity was one among three facets of nature, that is still associated with because the Mother of living. The Trinity of her was our planet, sun and lightweight. It was later altered by Christianity into Father God, Boy and Spirit. ‘She’ was stylised like a lady who’s portrayed in cave art statues as having a baby to various creatures and humans.

It was an acceptable assumption within the light of there being no understanding to rely on for here is how things came into existence. Pregnancy would be a mystery almost until todays as very few realized the fertility cycle of ladies. Until only a couple of century before the Roman era men and women mostly resided in separate dwellings and sex wasn’t linked to pregnancy.

Just with the keeping of domesticated creatures did the cent drop and men realized that they something related to it. This switched the tide on ladies who, for now, were when compared to Mother God and societies were matriarchal using the women accountable for inheritance. Then things altered!

Thinking they might rise in to the heavens by dying on crosses men sacrificed their lives to get mates towards the sun. Cave art from prehistoric occasions illustrate them connected to the symbol which, just like a kite, was transporting them in to the sky. They’ve heads and wings like wild birds, the legs of bulls and big erect penises displaying remarkable ability to fertilise her.

The specific sun was ‘Ma-r-i’ which means ‘Mother’s effective light’. It’s out of this source the term ‘marry’ came into being. The gold wedding band is yet another indication of the sun’s rays. As religions came to be to improve the ability and control of populations by nobleman women were forced into roles of subservience towards the potential mates from the divine. Clergymen continue to be married to Mary and she or he sits in lots of religious homes because the object of worship.