Ideas for a Great Family Getaway

Every year we look at our budget and wonder how we are going to fit some kind of family holiday into it. There just never seems to be much room for one, and yet somehow, we always manage to deliver a week or two of real fun and enjoyment. How do we do it? Well sometimes it is staycations, with the kids going to a local daytime summer camp like the one in Santa Monica that really caters to a beach day they all love. You can find out about them when you click here for more information if you are in Southern California and looking for a great way to vacation without the time and travel.

But there are some really great ways to actually take a vacation and not break the bank. In addition, some times you can find a great vacation that is a once in a lifetime experience for the whole family and is worth the sacrifices it takes to make it happen. We have done all of these at one time or another and I must say have never regretted the inexpensive adventures or the ones that required a lot of penny pinching all year to afford. So here are our ideas to break the habit of vacationing with the family at the same old place every year, just because you know it. Life is an adventure, here are some of our favorites.

Road Trips to Anywhere

I am sucker for the old fashion road trip and we still do our fair share of them throughout the year. The cool thing about them is that you can do a short getaway and explore something right nearby, maybe even only a few hours drive from home. But longer road trips, through new territory, can be a real adventure. We took one a few years back through the prairies and visited old ghost towns and stayed in all these little towns along the train tracks. It gave our kids, who are big city veterans, a close-up view of a whole new way of life.

Weekend Adventures

Every so often we take a three-day weekend when there isn’t an actual legal one, and do a weekend adventure to explore another city or town nearby. It can be triggered by something as simple as a two-day music festival or a local pow-wow. Maybe they have a craft fair filled with cool handmade things or there is a Renaissance Fair you can get lost in for the weekend.

Foreign Trips

One of the best reasons for taking a trip to a foreign country is what it can do to make you appreciate your own neck of the woods, and also love the experience of living in a completely different culture. Even places like London and Paris, which are very similar in some ways to our own culture, have a wonderful difference that is eye opening, especially for kids. You can watch for special deals if the price tag is a bit scary, and hostels and websites that advertise cheap stays can be found online.

We have sometimes travelled to places like Spain or Greece, which can be relatively cheap, with another family and rented a villa for a week or two. You cook at home, explore the area and have the fun of sharing it with someone else as well.

Start Thinking Fun

These are really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to planning a family trip. Camping under the stars, all you can eat resorts that cater to kids, canoe up a quiet river, or take a sport camp together. There are just so many ways you can do a holiday, and all it takes is some research and a laptop to make plans together.