Feng Shui for Your Home

The History of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient art or discipline, the actual meaning of the words translates to Wind-Water and many believe, that this ancient art is possibly older than the I Ching.  In days of old, it was used for determining burial sites, as it was believed that the “chi” (flow of energy) protected the deceased ones, so it was important to know where to place loved ones on their final journey.

It is believed that we are mainly made of water, and the emphasis was placed on landscape with features of water and mountains. As time progressed, the ancients realised that by placing even the smallest stone in a specific place, manner, or fashion, appeared to make a difference to the energy; they felt that the power of this could be either energising or destructive, and therefore the art of Feng Shui was born and later was adopted by the Ming and Ching Dynasties. When the Ching Dynasty fell, the Chinese government did not like the practice of Feng Shui, so they openly discouraged it, but it was still discreetly practiced and so the art still continues to this day.

Improve Energy to Your Home

Feng Shui can have so many benefits in our busy day to day lives. We as a modern society, are always looking at ways in which to make our lives better and easier and being the first to achieve in this fast-paced world, is becoming more and more the forefront of our waking thoughts. Feng Shui in the home can help your energy in all aspects of your life.

Feng Shui is basically a flow of energy, so by placing everyday items in our homes, in a specific space, allows the energy to flow easily, and swiftly, for example to improve our wealth we should ensure that the front door is in a good condition, as it represents wealth, and is an invitation to bring things into our home. To then draw a good energy to your front door, and then into your home, the simple placing of a lamp and a beautiful plant either side of the door, will improve and attract the good energy; also by removing all clutter from the entrance to your home, will bring good energy and allow it to flow around the home. Having clutter anywhere in the home will block the flow, and this will affect the movement and therefore restrict what comes in.

The next important space and indeed the most highly used place in our homes, is the kitchen. This room represents nourishment and relationship harmony for those who live there; this admittedly  is a place where we may well be limited to what we can do, in the realms of placing things in the appropriate place, but where possible, ensure the sink and the cooker are not placed opposite each other, as this can lead to a clash of energies. Consider this in the respect of fire and water, causing disharmony in the household.

Opening windows and doors, allows the energy to flow through and refresh, as energy is always changing as it is a life force, bringing the outside in with plants and flowers, are all small things we can do to bring our homes good energy.

Feng Shui is not meant to cause worry or stress if things are not where they should be. It is purely to encourage good energy. This can also be achieved by the colour schemes that are used in the home as this can also bring the flow of energy into each room in a positive way.