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                  TEL0086 755 26508999
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                  0086 755 26508999
                  Color management
                  • Color Measurement

                    3nh spectrophotometer, color difference meter and its supporting software provide complete solutions for effectively controlling the entire color management process, helping brands, manufacturers and suppliers to establish a complete color management system and quality control system.

                  • Appearance Measurement

                    Gloss meter, haze meter and coating thickness gauge provide quality assessment for multi-part products jointly manufactured by different suppliers. 3nh provides surface appearance measurement solutions to ensure reliable quality control.

                  • Light Booths

                    The standard light box provides stable and consistent lighting conditions, allowing you to efficiently perform visual color assessments. The standard light source colorimetric box contains different numbers of standard light source tubes, which are suitable for various production environments and ensure effective quality control of color.

                  • Image Quality Testing

                    According to customers' requirements for specified drawings, we can produce various types of reflective and transmissive test chart cards and image inspection standard light sources, and provide image quality evaluation equipment and test solutions.

                  • Spectrophotometer Spectrophotometers
                  • Colorimeter Colorimeters
                  • Spectrodensitometer Densitometers
                  • Haze meter Haze Meters
                  • Gloss meter Gloss Meters
                  • Test Chart Test Charts
                  • Color light box Light Booths

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